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Pool alarms and sensors can act as electronic safety and security measures for your pool although, where children are involved, they should not replace constant supervision.

In this article we look at rules, habits and equipment that can make your pool a safer place for everyone.

Learning to swim is not always easy, yet gaining this important life skill can lead to a real feeling of accomplishment.

In this article we will take a look at the different types of pool cover that are available and how they can help you save money and make your pool a safer place.

Access to your swimming pool can be made easier and safer with the installation of the right step system. In-ground pools may already have built-in steps or a sloping entrance to the pool. If not, ladders are a great alternative.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, taking simple safety measures can greatly reduce the chances of accidental drowning and other water related injuries. Where swimming pools are concerned, children and pets are often particularly vulnerable and special attention should be given to child pool safety.