This section contains articles about enjoying your swimming pool. Top Tips for pool parties, advice about pool toys & games, swimming aids and flotation devices or pointers about swimming for fitness.

15May 2013

If you have your own swimming pool, you certainly love swimming but if you are wild about swimming you might take the plunge somewhere else. Where shall we swim, or where shall we swim to? For the majority of people swimming is an activity that is confined to the pool or the sea but not […]

10Apr 2013

Lighting your pool with LED lamps has advantages of energy efficiency, low maintenance and digital control allows you to have a stunning range of lighting effects.

25May 2012

Saltwater swimming pools are becoming more popular. This article looks at the pros and cons to see if a saltwater swimming pool would be suitable for you.

07Mar 2012

Your swimming pool can provide many health benefits and can even be used for hydrotherapy. This article looks at how your own pool can be incredibly beneficial for both your mind and body.

17Jan 2012

Diving boards and slides can add to the fun and enjoyment you get from your pool but there are also important safety issues to consider.

25Aug 2011

Whether you’re looking to keep the kids happily occupied, to provide fun and games for all the family or to really liven up your pool parties, you’re sure to find the perfect toys, whatever your budget. In this article, we hope to show the variety of pool toys available to buy.

29May 2011

Life saving devices and swimming aids are certainly not a modern creation. In 1539, a German professor, credited with writing the first swimming book, referenced some rather creative, early flotation aids that included cork belts, reed bundles and air filled cow bladders!

29May 2011

Once your pool is installed, you can really start to consider how to maximise your outdoor space. As well as visually enhancing your pool, pool furniture can provide comfort as well as helping you to get the most out of owning a pool.

29May 2011

Swimming provides a range of health benefits. As well as allowing us to work our heart and lungs, increase flexibility within the joints and strengthen a variety of muscles, the relaxing, almost meditational nature of swimming can also lead to a greater sense of mental wellbeing.

29May 2011

If you’re fortunate enough to own your own pool, chances are you’ll enjoy showing it off and entertaining your friends and family poolside. This article is all about hosting pool parties and will provide some helpful tips on throwing your own fabulous pool parties.