Erik first immersed himself in the wet leisure industry working as a dive instructor in Thailand in 2009. The following year, he crossed the seas to the Bahamas where, once again, he taught the art of diving in Nassau and the Cayman Islands until moving to the UK in 2015.

Away from the 30 degree, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, Erik took to the slightly cooler, but equally sparkling environment of the British swimming pool industry where he uses his original background as an electrical engineer to advise on pumps, filtration and pool controls.


With a background in electrical engineering and property maintenance, Paul is well qualified to advise on a broad range of subjects related to swimming pool ownership and upkeep.

A keen swimmer himself, Paul will go to any lengths to find the right advice for people who want to get the most fun and enjoyment from their pool.



With qualifications in Chemistry, Computing and Maths, when Nial joined the wet leisure industry in 2013 he had a natural aptitude for the more technical and innovative products and technologies such as UV and Ozone water treatment systems and automated chemical dossing systems.

Over his time in the industry, Niall has soaked up even more knowledge on a wide range of products and topics. He is a fitness enthusiast and a qualified First Aid Instructor.


Relatively new to the swimming pool industry, Dee has a background in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) technology which, with today’s increase in the popularity of indoor pools and the growing interest in sustainable technology such as heat pumps, is of real use and relevance.




Jamie helped to build his first swimming pool in the Summer of ’76 and has been in and around pools ever since. Having worked in pool construction, operations and sales, very few people in the UK wet leisure industry have a broader or deeper knowledge of the wet leisure industry.

A keen fitness enthusiast and cyclist, Jamie is on the board of the British swimming Pool Federation (BSPF) and Chairman of PIP, the Pool Industry Promotion group.


Shaun has worked in the swimming pool industry for over 35 years and has been involved in construction, installation, service and manufacturing.

As a director of an independent UK distributor to the wet leisure industry, Shaun’s particular responsibility is sourcing innovative products and new technologies that improve the experience of owning and enjoying a swimming pool.



Specialising in DEL slatted and safety covers; Scott is also a qualified Landscape Designer. However, if you look beneath the surface with Scott you will find that he has been a member of the Confined Space Rescue team for Devonport naval base. Scott takes pool safety very seriously indeed.




Mitchel is new to the wet leisure industry but brings useful skills from his previous career. Specialising in dosing and water care, he draws on his experience of electrical and plumbing work and his qualifications in chemistry and physics but Mitchel also loves absorbing new knowledge.

Having worked in the holiday cottage business, Mitchel ‘gets’ how automated water care can have real benefits to that industry.