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Erik first immersed himself in the wet leisure industry working as a dive instructor in Thailand in 2009. The following year, he crossed the seas to the Bahamas where, once again, he taught the art of diving in Nassau and the Cayman Islands until moving to the UK in 2015. Away from the 30 degree, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, Erik took to the slightly cooler, but equally sparkling environment of the British swimming pool industry where he uses his original background as an electrical engineer to advise on pumps, filtration and pool controls.

Saltwater swimming pools are becoming more popular. This article looks at the pros and cons to see if a saltwater swimming pool would be suitable for you.

Draining your pool is a time-consuming, costly and potentially difficult procedure that is best avoided. Before attempting to drain your pool yourself, you should contact a qualified pool service engineer and seek their advice.

Learning to swim is not always easy, yet gaining this important life skill can lead to a real feeling of accomplishment.

In this article we explain the key aspects to your monthly pool service routine. By carrying out these simple steps as part of your monthly pool routine you’ll ensure your pool stays in top condition.

Swimming provides a range of health benefits. As well as allowing us to work our heart and lungs, increase flexibility within the joints and strengthen a variety of muscles, the relaxing, almost meditational nature of swimming can also lead to a greater sense of mental wellbeing.