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Relatively new to the swimming pool industry, Dee has a background in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) technology which, with today’s increase in the popularity of indoor pools and the growing interest in sustainable technology such as heat pumps, is of real use and relevance.

A pool control panel will let you control all your pool equipment – pump, heating and lighting – from one, intelligent unit.

Which is best for you, an indoor pool or an outdoor pool? If you have the choice, this article looks at some of the pros and cons of each.

In this article we will explain what needs to be done to resurface a concrete, in-ground pool. A well built, in-ground pool can last for 50 years or more but over the course of time it’s possible that the surface will become rough or discoloured.

This article will look at some of the different ways that you could heat your pool and explore some of the advantages of each method.

Access to your swimming pool can be made easier and safer with the installation of the right step system. In-ground pools may already have built-in steps or a sloping entrance to the pool. If not, ladders are a great alternative.

Whether you’re looking to keep the kids happily occupied, to provide fun and games for all the family or to really liven up your pool parties, you’re sure to find the perfect toys, whatever your budget. In this article, we hope to show the variety of pool toys available to buy.

Swimming pool pumps make the job of maintaining your pool easier by circulating the water within your pool, helping to keep it clean. You should return the favour by ensuring that you look after your swimming pool pump in order to keep it working efficiently.

Life saving devices and swimming aids are certainly not a modern creation. In 1539, a German professor, credited with writing the first swimming book, referenced some rather creative, early flotation aids that included cork belts, reed bundles and air filled cow bladders!