blog-Images-Novelle-5Fibreglass pools are becoming more popular in the UK for many reasons. Here are a few things to consider before installing one.

Vinyl, concrete or fibreglass?

If you are considering installing an in ground pool then you will probably have come to realise that the method of construction is one of the first choices that you will have to make.

Fiberglass pools have become more and more popular over the last decade as advances have been made in their design and construction.

In fact fibreglass pools have a number of advantages that make them a very attractive option for some people looking to install an in-ground pool.

• The pool is delivered in its finished state to the site, which cuts down on construction time.

• A totally smooth finish and rounded corners can make them easier to keep clean.

• The fibreglass won’t be easily damaged or punctured.

• A well maintained fibreglass pool should last for decades without refurbishment.

Easy to maintain, lovely to use.

Because a fibreglass pool has such a smooth and rounded surface it is easier to maintain than some other types of pool.

Algae and dirt do not stick easily to the surface and so they are simpler to clean. A pool brush will easily dislodge any algae that does form and it can be swept towards the main drain.

The fibreglass will not react with or be affected by the water chemistry in the pool and that should make balancing your pool water a simpler task.

The smoothness of the surface is a benefit to the bathers as well; there will be no scratched knees getting in or out of the water.

Relatively quick to install.

Fibreglass pools do appear easy to install but like many things there are very definite skills needed to get the job done right and care does still need to be taken. A popular alternative to a fibreglass pool would be a modular pool kit such as one from the Swimmer range which are also easily installed and produce a high quality pool.

Essentially, an excavation for the pool is dug out, the fibreglass shell is delivered in its finished state, lowered into the hole and then plumbed in and backfilled.

Swimmer Pool Kits are a further option. These kits use a modular construction method and take the worry out of specifying exactly the pool that you want. They bring together all the heating and water filtration equipment that you will need and the modular construction method is both quick and dependable.

Swimmer Pool Kits contain everything that will be necessary for the pool of your dreams. As Swimmer Pool Kits are built in sections, restricted site access is much less of a delivery and installation problem for them.

Under the right circumstances and with good access, it should be possible for the whole project to be complete within a couple of weeks.

Fibreglass pool shells are available in a range of styles. In terms of size they may be quite short, perhaps just 4 or 5 metres, but if they are then twinned with a counter current unit such as one from the BADU range which generates a strong current to swim against they effectively become an endless exercise pool.

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