blog-images-girlsThose comfortable, poolside shoes that have been around since the 70’s have made it onto the fashion catwalk. Will they be on-trend again this year?

It’s all about comfort – and chic.

Pool slides have been around for years. Combined with a bathrobe and an LA tan, there was something rather ‘Hugh Heffner’ about them in the 70’s but now they have had a whole new lease of life.

Last summer they started to appear in fashion magazine spreads and on the high fashion catwalk and this time girls were predominantly wearing them.

Of course, the fashion world being what it is, they had to make their reappearance with a bang and so rather than being practical, hard wearing and – most of all – waterproof, the pool slides that graced these model’s feet were fur-lined and diamante encrusted.

But first and foremost, they were still comfortable.

How did they make that journey?

Pool slides as ‘fashion statement’ rather than practical, pool side wear have been popular with the LA ‘boyz in the hood’ for years. They have been wearing them with big-name track suits on their way to the basketball courts and just to hang out on the corner in.

Fashion journalists have described pool slides as ‘ironic and non-committal’. However, their appeal probably lies in the fact that they are both comfortable and cool.

Chic women wearing pool slides may be a new trend but fashion-conscious ladies have been looking for that ‘cool plus comfortable’ combination for decades. Remember in the early eighties when women matched power-suits and stockings with trainers on their walk to work through New York or London?

And this season?

The idea of pool slides as high-chic still seems to be in vogue.

You can choose from the big name sports brands all the way up to the big European fashion houses. Wear them with bare feet and wear them with confidence.

Of course, the great thing is that having your own pool has never been more fashionable either and if some other high street fashion overtakes the pool slider this year you know where they will look absolutely perfect?

Yep. On your feet, lounging by the side of your pool.

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