Owning a pool is great fun. Cleaning one, a bit less so. Until now.the-latest-innovation-in-pool-cleaning-machines

The most advanced pool-cleaning machine yet.

Pool cleaning has come on a very, very long way since the days when people scooped leaves off the surface with a net and attacked the pool floor and sides with a long-handled brush.

When your pool has digitally controlled lighting, an automatic chemical dosing system and the pumps and heaters are all controlled from a custom built pool control panel you need a method of pool cleaning that is up-to-date and effective.

The Dolphin.

The new Dolphin Explorer automatic pool cleaners use advance cleaning technologies to keep pools clean and hygienic.

Leading the way is the Dolphin Explorer Plus. Designed for pools up to 15 metres in length, this robot excels at keeping the floor walls and waterline constantly clean with little effort

The low-voltage, low energy design includes a cartridge filtration system which efficiently collects all types of dirt– even small particles. A one-way water valve prevents escape of any debris, while ensuring rapid water drainage.

Its dual-drive motor, which benefits from an automatic motor protection mechanism, ensures optimal manoeuvrability and coverage – regardless of a pool’s shape, slope or obstacles.

Clean and simple.

Low maintenance was a key concern for designers, so the Explorer Plus includes a swivel-on cable to prevent tangling, a clogged filter indicator for ongoing efficiency and top-opening filtration compartments quick cleaning. Supplied with a 24-month warranty on all parts – as standard – it has been designed for dealer-level repairs.

Packed with user-friendly features, the Explorer Plus includes a time-delay mechanism which allows for the cleaning cycle to be delayed by up to two hours, as well as a remote control which enables automatic or manual operation.

It’s sister unit, The Explorer is packed with many of the same features but suitable for smaller pools

It is probably the most intelligently designed pool cleaner you can buy.

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