blog-Images-Novelle-1A pool control panel will let you control all your pool equipment – pump, heating and lighting – from one, intelligent unit.

Pool control panels make life easier.

Modern pools have become much more complex over recent years and people have come to expect a higher standard of aesthetics and design.

Gone are the days when a pool would simply have a pump and perhaps the luxury of a heater.

The modern pool will also be lit, it might have an Etatron ePool chemical dosing system and there may be more than one heat source for the water. The pool might even have a moving floor.

The last thing the pool owner wants to see, either from an aesthetic point of view or for safety reasons, is a number of separate control boxes on the wall all wired in to their own systems and functions.

Intelligent pool control panels have become a standard choice for the smart pool owner.

Manufactured to order.

Of course, ‘standard’ is the last thing that most pools are.

All pools are different in some ways and certainly all pool owners will specify different equipment and expect it to perform to their own, individual needs.

For that reason, there are ‘off the shelf’ pool control panels but there is a growing number that are designed and built to order.

A modern pool control panel can be built to do pretty much anything that you might ask of it.

One obvious function would be to run the pump to circulate and filter the water and this might be linked to a timer that could have a number of different programs.

The panel can control heating for the pool and that too can be linked to the timer so that, when you wake up on a Saturday morning for instance, the pool is already at your perfect temperature and the pump has been running.

Lighting can be controlled from the panel, as can be chemical dosing systems, alarms and safety interlocks.

If you have a spa alongside your pool, the control panel can be set up to run all the necessary equipment and programs for both; maintaining different water temperatures and managing different filtration programs.

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