Swimming pool pumps make the job of maintaining your pool easier by circulating the water within your pool, helping to keep it clean. You should return the favour by ensuring that you look after your swimming pool pump in order to keep it working efficiently.pump-refurb Follow these tips to keep your swimming pool pump running smoothly.

1. Perform regular checks

Your swimming pool pump should be checked on a weekly basis. Since it is electrically powered you must exercise caution when carrying out the checks – remember, the pump should never be turned on if there is no water in it!
Turn the pump on and note the reading on the pressure gauge. A reading of 30 to 35 PSI means you had better check that all valves are properly open. Turn the pump off before you attempt to do this.
If there’s a problem with the pump you should always refer to the owner’s manual before attempting to fix it. Unless you are completely confident that you know exactly what you are doing, you should call a pool service technician to carry out any repairs on your behalf.

2. Clean the pump basket

Keeping the pump basket clean is an effective form of maintenance that will help extend the life of your swimming pool pumps. The same goes for your skimmer baskets too – check them twice a week and clear any debris from them before replacing.
While you’re at it, it is also a good idea to keep the pump lid seals, or ‘o-rings’, lubricated and therefore working efficiently.

3. Clean the filter

Debris gathered in the filter can cause permanent damage to swimming pool pumps – see our guide to cleaning your filter here.

4. Check the water level

If a swimming pool pump is left sucking air (rather than water) for too long, it can cause serious damage to its operation. Prevent potential damage by ensuring the water level of your pool is at least halfway up the skimmer box.

5.  Replacing the pump

Motors typically last about eight years. You’ll be able to tell when yours needs replacing as it will make a loud, screeching noise. This may be due to the bearings wearing out or the motor itself burning out.

The BADU EasyFit is a new pump available on the market which is about 20% more efficient than the majority of pool pumps and, uniquely, is designed to be adaptable so that it can be simply fitted in to replace almost any other brand of pump without costly and time consuming plumbing alterations.

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