Once your pool is installed, you can really start to consider how to maximise your outdoor space. As well as visually enhancing your pool, pool furniture can provide comfort as well as helping you to get the most out of owning a pool.

When buying pool furniture, you should consider how you intend to use the space. Questions you should ask yourself include:

• Do you enjoy eating meals outside?

• Will you be entertaining guests?

• Will you be sitting outside in the evenings?

• Will you need seating to help you keep an eye on little swimmers?

• Do you need weatherproof storage for towels and swimming accessories?

Thinking about how you’d like to use your pool area and designing your furniture layout around your ideas is the key to getting a poolside retreat that you’ll really enjoy.

Popular poolside furniture includes, deckchairs, chaise loungers (or sun loungers), recliners, dining sets, hammocks, tea carts (used to serve refreshments), towel racks, parasols, sitting benches and Adirondack chairs (a type of outdoor seat or armchair, designed for one or more people).

As well as poolside furniture, you can also buy furniture for use inside your pool such as unsinkable foam rafts (or sunbathers) and the ‘inside pool chair’ (or poolside chair), which once properly installed, allows the user to sit on the chair, inside the pool. If you’ve an outdoor pool you may also wish to consider using other outdoor furniture, such as poolside storage, outdoor heating and barbecues.

When looking to purchase poolside furniture, consider the following:

Keep it simple

Placing too much furniture around your pool will limit available space and could make your poolside appear cluttered. Try to limit furniture to the pieces you actually need.

Choose the right material

If you’ve an outdoor pool, your pool furniture should be durable and water and weather resistant – as well as rain damage, the sun can cause problems when sun bleaching occurs. Popular materials include wicker, aluminium, wrought iron, resin, rattan, wood and stainless steel.

Style vs Practicality

Consider whether style or practicality is of most importance to you. Resin plastic, for example, can be very practical as it’s generally inexpensive, can often be stacked for storage and doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as other materials (such as wrought iron or wood). The drawback however is that it may not provide the same visual appeal as other materials.


Consider the comfort of furniture designs and styles. Wicker (rattan) or teak pool furnishings may require additional seating covers. If these covers will be out in all weathers, you may wish to ensure that they are not only water resistant, but that they’re also resistant to sun bleaching.


If you intend to store poolside furniture away (perhaps when the temperatures drop) consideration should be given to the weight of the materials you choose. Remember to ensure that they are easy to move and store.

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What pool furniture have you picked, and why? Has picking the right furniture for your poolside created the atmosphere you were looking for? Please post your comments in the box provided below.